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Dry Ice

Dry Ice
We sell dry ice in block form. The blocks are usually 12"x12"x2", but they do shrink in storage which is why we sell by weight at $2/lb + TX sales tax (8.25%).

Please bring your own insulated container, if not, we do sell styrofoam containers, and gloves.

Minimum purchase of 10lbs is recommended as we cannot guarantee that we will have smaller blocks when you visit.

We do sell to the public and can set up a business account if regular supply is needed.

Delivery is available via a 3rd party courier service and requires a quote, advance payment and 48 hours notice to schedule delivery.

More information about safety and how to use dry ice can be found at

Dry ice cannot be sold to minors.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call (214) 974-5423

Dry Ice is -109°F (-78°C), and should not be handled with bare hands, wear thick gloves before touching dry ice

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